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Unlike some other SEO service providers, Link Hero’s sites have solid metrics and the pages aren’t crowded with lots of links with spammy anchor text. Of course, the proof is always in the results.

On a recent campaign we boosted one page from position 14 to 8 for a high volume, medium competition keyword. On a different site we saw our target page jump from position 25 to 1 for a medium difficulty, very profitable keyword. It’s stayed there ever since.

Richa Nathani, Dialed Labs

I’ve been using Link Hero for a while now and have had excellent results! These links have never failed to push my sites up the SERPs.

One thing I love about this service is the flexibility. I was struggling to choose a site and they sent me a list of sites that would be a fit. I ordered a couple and they looked perfectly natural.

I would definitely recommend Link Hero, one of the best link building services I’ve tried.

Steve Gershwin, Affiliate Marketer

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